Count Up

Set The Start & End Values
[acoda_counter start_value=»0″ end_value=»16″ value_format=»%V» speed=»10″ steps=»1″ tag=»h3″ font_size=»xlarge»]

Hours a Day

[acoda_counter start_value=»0″ end_value=»8797″ value_format=»%V» speed=»1000″ steps=»199″ tag=»h3″ font_size=»xlarge»]

Lines of Code

[acoda_counter start_value=»0″ end_value=»1679″ value_format=»%V» speed=»100″ steps=»17″ tag=»h3″ font_size=»xlarge»]


[acoda_counter start_value=»0″ end_value=»453″ value_format=»%V» speed=»50″ steps=»6″ tag=»h3″ font_size=»xlarge»]

Cups of Coffee

Count Down

Combine With Other Elements
[acoda_counter start_value=»24″ end_value=»6.5″ value_format=»%V» speed=»10″ steps=»1″ tag=»h3″ font_size=»supersize»]
[vc_icon icon_fontawesome=»fa fa-moon-o» size=»lg» align=»center»]

Hours of Sleep

[acoda_counter start_value=»16″ end_value=»8″ value_format=»%V» speed=»10″ steps=»1″ tag=»h3″ font_size=»supersize»]
[vc_icon icon_fontawesome=»fa fa-tint» size=»lg» align=»center»]

Glasses of Water

[acoda_counter start_value=»5″ end_value=»1″ value_format=»%V» speed=»10″ steps=»1″ tag=»h3″ font_size=»supersize»]
[vc_icon icon_fontawesome=»fa fa-birthday-cake» size=»lg» align=»center»]

Slice of Cake

[acoda_counter start_value=»1000″ end_value=»456″ value_format=»%V» speed=»100″ steps=»16″ tag=»h3″ font_size=»supersize»]
[vc_icon icon_fontawesome=»fa fa-stack-overflow» size=»lg» align=»center»]

Steps Taken

Control the Format

Place Counters within a sentence
[acoda_counter start_value=»0″ end_value=»8″ value_format=»I’ve had %V glasses of water today, I feel great!» speed=»4″ steps=»1″ tag=»h3″ font_size=»xlarge»]

Control Speed & Steps

Combine With Other Elements
[acoda_counter start_value=»999″ end_value=»59″ value_format=»$%V» speed=»100″ steps=»3″ tag=»h3″ font_size=»supersize»]
[acoda_counter start_value=»1″ end_value=»41″ value_format=»£%V» speed=»10″ steps=»8″ tag=»h3″ font_size=»supersize»]
[acoda_counter start_value=»1899″ end_value=»388″ value_format=»¥%V» speed=»100″ steps=»18″ tag=»h3″ font_size=»supersize»]
[acoda_counter start_value=»0″ end_value=»54″ value_format=»%V€» speed=»10″ steps=»1″ tag=»h3″ font_size=»supersize»]

Past Date

Set any date in the Past or Future
[acoda_counter type=»date» date=»11/12/1955 22:04:00″ remaining_format=»%Y YEARS %O MONTHS %D DAYS %H HOURS %M MINUTES %S SECONDS» elapsed_format=»%Y YEARS %O MONTHS %D DAYS %H HOURS %M MINUTES %S SECONDS» tag=»h3″ font_size=»medium»]

Since Marty McFly Went Back To The Future.

Future Date

Set Any Date Format Required
[acoda_counter type=»date» date=»02/31/2017 00:00:00″ remaining_format=»%D DAYS
%H HOURS %M MINS %S SECS» elapsed_format=»%D» tag=»h3″ font_size=»supersize»]


[acoda_typewriter tag=»h3″ font_weight=»bold» font_size=»supersize» duration=»1000″ pause=»10000″ animated_text=»5
Be Unique, Be You.»]
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